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Prejudice and Discrimination: The Saga of the Missing Albinos

People with albinism often feel socially isolated and may be discriminated in many instances. Although, albinism most often goes unnoticed in Europe because of the skin colour, it is not entirely the same for people of African descent. In Sub-Saharan Africa, albinos have been subjected to torture and inhumane treatment.  Albinos are believed to be […]

Of Promises and Poverty: Inside the Coffee Industry in East Africa

Improving the lives of farmers and the environment is the main focus of many coffee certification systems such as UTZ certified, Fair Trade, RainForest Alliance amongst others. Many companies regularly acknowledge their corporate roles of being responsible for their actions on the planet. One popular among these that claim to be responsible to farmers and […]

“Getting to zero: zero …

“Getting to zero: zero new HIV infections”

The global fight against a pandemic disease- HIV/AIDS

Each year the world marks World AIDS Day on 1 December which brings together people from around the world to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the pandemic. The World AIDS Campaign focuses on “Zero AIDS related deaths” as a theme for this year and in years to come […]

Ghana’s Gold: is corruption insight?

Ghana was known formally as the “gold coast” because of the abundant gold that was found by the arrival of the colonialist in the early parts of the 18 century. This exacerbated into a gold trade which later transformed into a trade in slaves. In recent times, Ghana is experiencing a new gold rush as […]