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The global fight against a pandemic disease- HIV/AIDS

Each year the world marks World AIDS Day on 1 December which brings together people from around the world to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and demonstrate international solidarity in the face of the pandemic.

The World AIDS Campaign focuses on “Zero AIDS related deaths” as a theme for this year and in years to come (2012-2015).

Each year there are several themes and messages to create awareness of the disease, yet at the same time the infection rate keeps going up. In the European region according to recent reports by the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates the infection rate at 2.3 million in the year 2010. Yet this figure keeps rising and does not take into account other cases that have not been reported. Achieving this reduction rate is not impossible, but much effort will have to be concentrated on the media which is a powerful tool for influencing and transforming (negative) individual lifestyles and sexual behaviours.

The print and electronic media are part of the solution to this “time bomb” that is ticking away and affecting humanity i.e the most youthful and vibrant populations.  Individual lifestyles (risky and promiscuous) too have not changed over the last decades especially among the sexually active age bracket. There is promiscuity everywhere- in night clubs, in open parks, streets, in cars you name it.  What measures can be put in place by way of an Action Plan on HIV/AIDS for example by country? Gone are those days that, this disease was labelled as a “black man’s disease”. Truthfully, but sadly enough this disease has gone beyond racial barriers and it is non-discriminatory in nature and attitude.  The time to act is now!


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