Giant Causeway: A happy accident

Incredible, beautiful and magnificent! These are the best words to describe the coast of Northern Ireland.


Northern Ireland bites deep in history and natural beauty. This is essentially the case towards the north coast of Ireland.

It is a place tImagehat doesn’t seem real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have left.  For lovers of nature, this is definitely a must- go place to visit. The north coast is typically home to many sea birds such as the horn bill, razorbill, petrel, cormorant, red shank and the fulmar.  The weathered rocks offer a spectacular scene. It is also a haven for rare and unusual plant species.  The rocky formation of the Giant Cause Way was due to intense volcanic activity which left in its way, molten basalt columns that solidified and formed hexagonal columns although there are some columns with seven or more shapes. The formation makes it so impressive that it forms a stepping platform from the foot of the cliff and leading right into the sea where they disappear with the sea waves.



 If you are a lover of whiskey and other alcoholic beverages, then your visit to the north coast of Northern Ireland won’t be complete without going to the Bushmills village which is about 2miles or 3 km away from the Giant Causeway.

The Old Bushmills Company  is one of the oldest licensed distilleries in the world that distills original Irish whiskey. The popular stock of premier brands of Bushmills is the Black Bush, Bushmills Irish cream liqueur (Irish cream or Baileys) as it is mostly known in several parts of the world.  I could not resist the prices on display for the assorted whiskeys at the alcohol duty- free shops at the distillery. The prices were somehow very affordable to carry home at least two bottles of the finest triple-distilled Irish Whiskeys and perhaps a Baileys or even Bushmills Irish honey if you have a fat wallet and some change to spare on your trip.


My trip to Northern Ireland, specifically the environs of Belfast was unique in many ways.  In all cases, all the above descriptions made for a relaxing day trip to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland not only as relaxing but also educative. I got to learn about the Geo-political situation of Northern Ireland and relished every small moment whilst on my trip. 


Image(Insert in this picture(below) are puffins. A type of bird species. I had to view and snap these birds  from the top of the RSPB offices located on one of the Islands using a telescope mounted on a tripod.


3 comments on “Giant Causeway: A happy accident

  1. wow!!! man wat a captivating and so well written piece!!!

    • biggidza09, I will like to read your piece about the Victoria falls. It would make interesting reading. What do you think?

      • oh! i understand yu Sev,i wil try.but as always yu are the best when it comes to narration and description of nice places….like the Giant Causeway,yu really took the reader by the hand showing him/her the place.

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