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Water wars

   “Whiskey is for sipping and water is for fighting”- Mark Twain When we search the universe for life we search for water, because it is only    from liquid water that all forms of life exist. In every corner of the world, be it in America, Asia, South and Central America or Africa, we […]

Be like the panda!

I commented on another blogger’s post olbigjim on hatred, racism and bigotry. This writer was lamenting about the issue of bigotry and hatred which are by and large a forerunner of racism. Inspired by these thoughts, I decided to take on this debate further, but adding a different twist to it by asking myself and also […]

Dead Mums Don’t Cry!

It was in the dead of the night. The whole community had gone to sleep on a quiet and peaceful night. She was resting in a wide but smoke filled room and the weight of her body was too burdensome as her belly was as ripened as a pear. She couldn’t sleep nor sit because […]

“Porndemic”- the concern

This write up is a follow up to my previous article on United by nudity, divided by attitude. It also comes as an inner voice that I have been listening to and what I am going to write here might not go down with many, but you are entitled to your opinion on this topic. […]

Spring is in the air

One of my favorite quotes in Shakespeare’s Richard III Act 2 scene 3 reads “ When the clouds are seen, wise men put on their cloaks; when great leaves fall, then winter is at hand; when the sun sets; who do not look for the night?… Ultimately storms make men expect a dearth…all may be […]

Women and the Environment: Viewpoint into the fuel wood business in Africa

The concern is growing about the depletion of Africa’s natural resources.  For some time now, the debate about the environment and development has always centered on the rich rather than the poor, on urban rather than rural and on men rather women. The result of this emphasis has led to the deterioration of the environment, […]

Mob Justice or injustice?

Welcome to the world of mob justice where large angry crowds usually take the law into their own hands by meting out instant “justice” to their victims either by stoning, hanging, burning, chopping off the victim’s fingers, caning or beating to death. It is the fastest way to get justice by the people for a […]