Whispered thoughts:What is a perfect vagina?

There has been a craze recently by women especially the younger ones to alter the appearance of their sex organs. To a very large extent, this has been sparked off by society. Society these days seem to recognize that youthful virginal looking genitals are acceptable to other types or shapes of the female genitalia (vagina).  This has become a disturbing thought for many girls and women with reasons both psychological and physical wanting to improve or alter the appearance of their vaginas.  At first it was labioplasty or vaginal surgery. This is the removal of extra tissue of the labia that protrudes in front of the vagina. This procedure therefore, will tuck and nip the lips of the vagina inwards.  Come to think of it as alarming, yet there has been little information about the dangers that this could pose. Naturally, some older females have small labias, whilst others have bigger or larger ones. This craze for the surgery has caught up with many young females most especially.

Recently there has been a product on the market for women called Clean and Dry Intimate Wash that is purported to clear away any pigmentation in the genital area. To put it in a different way, it is meant to bleach the vagina just right. This has sparked a widespread controversy which others condemn as demeaning women.

This is a disturbing thought as it only suggests that darker skin tone is unacceptable and a vagina looks better only in a certain way. It also goes to suggest that “appearance” matters and not the “inside”. This is further going to prolong a continouos debate as to whether a “vagina” is synonymous with beauty and desirability.

The question then that everyone should ask him/ herself is “what is a perfect vagina? Is “perfect” defined by its outer appearance or it goes beyond even to the personality of the individual?

What is even more disturbing is that there has been a shocking lack of information of the potential risks or long-term side effects of this procedure (labioplasty) and the chemical product (Clean and Dry intimate wash).

Women should learn to love their skin colour, size and shape of their vaginas and understand that just as all humans have unique facial identities, so it is with the female anatomy which is hereditary and unique. 


8 comments on “Whispered thoughts:What is a perfect vagina?

  1. well researched and well written Doctor.Quite insightful as much as it is dispelling many myths.thanks for taking us through the world of woman hood!!!

  2. …o_o….

    I’m aware such surgeries exist, but I don’t think it’s nearly that common. We girls are much more likely to be concerned about our weight, etc. than anything else.

    • Liz Alexander, it will interest you to know that it does exist in large scale, same as when breast transplants or “boob jobs” all began.

      • Perhaps it’s simply your region, then. I’ve had many a convo with other girls about all sorts of body augmentation, but never anything about altering genitals. 🙂

        Are you going off of the girls you’ve talked to in your community, or off of the Internet?

  3. It may interest you to know that researchers from University College London did a review of all existing cases on cosmetic labia surgery. BTW am not going off girls on the internet, am going by documented medical evidence.

  4. Yes I’ve been somewhat horrified by the rise in labioplasty recently, partly because it made me suddenly self-conscious of how I looked, though mostly because of the awful emphasis that is being put on things like this. Really, honestly, does having a ‘pretty’ vagina make you more desirable, more worthy of love? Of course not! Yet these emotional hooks can be so powerful… and we all have to join together to fight against them!

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