United by nudity, divided by attitude

There are many well established customs the world over.  Some very weird or bizarre and yet some in a way can be said to be if you like “stupid” in a sense. Hey but is there any such thing as “stupid” custom?  Not really if we are to be guided by the definition of culture (the way of life of a group of people that forms part of their social cohesion).

Sex, as I imagine is much the same everywhere in the world.  The question then is does a relaxed attitude to naked bodies cover up for division over the freedom of women? If your answer is no, then why are there so many incidents of rape and sex abuse perpetrated against women in society?  Is being naked related to having something to do with the act of sex then?  

The world today has systematically become “united” by nudity, but “divided” by attitude towards sex. In the current atmosphere of commercial industrialization, women are mostly the objective for publicizing the agenda of a product.  Women are mostly used to market products such as Porsche cars, smart phones, perfumes, gym outfits (shorts and running shoes) etc etc. In the print media (magazines, newspapers etc) attractive women are always captured in the front pages of the paper.  In most instances, women are portrayed in very compromising situations to show the “sexiness” of the product either semi nude or otherwise. This is what I call “uniting” everyone by nudity because it targets the majority of the population.

Does nudity therefore unite or divide individuals (both men and women) or does it compromise the modesty of females? These are questions that your opinions are humbly welcome.


7 comments on “United by nudity, divided by attitude

  1. i like the way how the writer weave through the discourse of nudity,quite an interesting yet difficult topic,but all is put in well together here.

  2. Thanks for the following 😉

  3. Rape and molestation has got nothing to do with Nudity or Dress – its socio-psychological endemic thats covering the global population. But yes aiding the status of females, is definitely how society is using the female figure to lure consumers in every sphere – indirectly imbibing and co-relating females with an object of desire. And repetitive impression of it surely moving towards one of the most (if not “THE” most) desired object of a human life – hence…

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