Mob Justice or injustice?

Welcome to the world of mob justice where large angry crowds usually take the law into their own hands by meting out instant “justice” to their victims either by stoning, hanging, burning, chopping off the victim’s fingers, caning or beating to death. It is the fastest way to get justice by the people for a crime committed by a person.

Myka was one of the recent victims of mob justice. It all began in the early hours of noon when the summer heat from the sunshine was kicking in.  Myka went to the shopping mall in sunshine city to get a few groceries for the family. All of a sudden when he turned to move away from the shop he heard shouts coming from across the neighbourhood- “mugger, mugger, thief, thief, kill him”. Myka knew very well of lynch attacks by angry youths in that neighbourhood, but little did he know that was how his gentle soul was going to end.  Myka, according to the angry mob was the spitting image of the mugger who they had spotted two blocks away.  In addition, he was “identified” by one eyewitness who said he saw a male running away from a gas station two blocks away and came around the shopping mall where Myka stood. The price to be paid for a mistaken identity had just begun on innocent Myka. An elderly man from the crowd tried to intervene that Myka was not the victim they were looking for. However, his intervention fell on death ears as the angry youth wanted instant justice to be unleashed on him.  Everyone in the crowd was saying that he had the same type of clothes that the mugger wore, in addition to a striking resemblance to the mugger. Myka began to say “I didn’t do it” and told them not to kill him because he is innocent, but they mob would not listen. Some said, yes these are all the tricks of muggers who plead innocent whenever they are caught.

Instantly, a well built young man emerged from wielding a gallon of gasoline (petrol) and poured it on Myka. Apparently he was the leader of the mob. Another man who was not wearing a shirt handed out two car tyres which were immediately placed around the neck of Myka or “necklaced” as it is popularly called in the neighbourhood of sunshine city.  At this stage, Myka’s voice was even heard louder begging for mercy whilst at the same time trying to free himself from the tyres that were woven around his neck.  Another doused the tyres with gasoline (petrol) and a woof sound was then heard and all that I saw was the body of Myka set ablaze.  You could smell flesh burning and whaling from the victim asking for help, but help came from no one who just looked on helplessly until the charred remains of the body were visible.  What a horrible way to die? Myka was killed without proof, without being tried in the law courts. To these angry youth, it was a solution to solve the problem of streetism and gangsterism that had plagued their society and for which they have lost confidence in the law courts. This is because the law courts often led to the miscarriage of justice.

Can this be called “justice” by the mobsters or that is “injustice” in the way lynches are carried out as a whole? If you care to stop mob attacks, please share your thoughts for you will never know when you fall victim to such gruesome attacks just like innocent Myka.


4 comments on “Mob Justice or injustice?

  1. Wow! Such an “in-your-face” post! It sure makes one think…thank you for posting it! Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian

  2. so sad wen we take the law into our own hands,but let us all hope that the miscarriage of justice will be a thing of the past. hope the wheels of justice will grind some day,so touching.

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