Spring is in the air

One of my favorite quotes in Shakespeare’s Richard III Act 2 scene 3 reads

“ When the clouds are seen, wise men put on their cloaks; when great leaves fall, then winter is at hand; when the sun sets; who do not look for the night?… Ultimately storms make men expect a dearth…all may be well; but if God sort it so, ‘Tis more than we [I] deserve”. 

Yes indeed, in the context of this write up, I ask when the sun comes out who does not look for the sunshine? This is all what spring is about.  Like the trees and flowers that blossom with new leaves and flowers after a harsh and cold winter season,or drought so is it also applicable to us too. Life is not a race; it is a journey that we embark to get to a destination. So why don’t you take time to live and relax from the busy schedules of life for just a day?  The trends of life are full of moments of experiences and challenges. I have always been the “busy bee” type of person and always putting off so many enjoyments that I was entitled to.  I was invited to go visit the famous Keukenhof spring gardens in the Netherlands. (Yes that is a complex name to pronounce). But complex as the name may seem, it is definitely the place to hang out in spring.  The first thoughts that came into mind were that it was going to be a “time waster” and only meant for lovers of flowers.  After some hesitations, I however, decided to give myself that opportunity to go on a day trip (outing) to clear my head off from the stress of life. Little did I know that those thoughts that I was entertaining earlier were to be proven wrong!

 I had never imagined that spring gardens such as the one in Netherlands could span acres upon acres of flowers of different species ranging from tulips to hyacinths etc you name it. I didn’t also know that they could be distinctive in colours too. In a sentence, it is a place you can experience spring in all its glory- smell, feel (touch, hug, kiss) and see it! In one word it is the place to see spring blossom.  It has stunning fields of tulips that is unique and famous to the Netherlands.  A very unique aspect of attraction at Keukenhof is the diversity of nationalities.  Many American, Asian (Chinese and Indian) tourists are in the majority who visit there during spring (daily) as can easily be seen from either their traditional attires, or the flags that they carry around to identify each other. Other nationalities such as the Polish, Germans, and Belgians could also be easily spotted.  The flower garden in Keukenhof is in no doubt amazing.  The flowers in the garden were in full bloom, it was definitely the right timing to be there (May). There was no rain; instead there was abundance of pure undiluted sunshine.  The warmth was kind and a sensual breeze was in the air uplifting me back to life (literally). It was colorful, tantalizing and beautiful.

At this moment, I will offer you the opportunity by leading your hands into the virtual world (photo gallery) of this most beautiful artistic work of nature and mankind.  These were photos that I made in remembrance of those amazing and refreshing moments. Slow down and digest the beauty, serenity, diversity of plant species and its


Remember to once in a while rejuvenate your energies and get your mojo going once again. How else can you spend your day off without “Spring[ing] in the air”. Hahaha


8 comments on “Spring is in the air

  1. such a beautiful place… this must be your favorite time of year, Spring 🙂

  2. That is correct aRVee. It’s a life time experience between nature and people 🙂

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