“Porndemic”- the concern

This write up is a follow up to my previous article on United by nudity, divided by attitude. It also comes as an inner voice that I have been listening to and what I am going to write here might not go down with many, but you are entitled to your opinion on this topic.

It comes as no surprise that the internet is riddled with porn in this new era of ours.  It is available by the click of a mouse.  Women, men, teenage boys and girls, married men and women alike are all embedded in this culture of online porn. The internet porn is the “crack” or cocaine of sex addiction.

When we come to reassess this phenomenon, it is becoming a fact that an entire generation has grown up online. The audience of porn is comparable to the size of a fully packed football stadium such as the Michigan stadium. Do a word search on the internet such as ‘Anal’, ‘fuzzies’, ‘fruits’, ‘girls smoking, ‘feet’, ‘Asian women’, ‘squirting, ‘bondage’, ‘gang bang’ and immediately millions of websites would show you sites of adult entertainment.

However, online porn and its close associate online dating is ruining marriages, sex addiction has become so rampant, pedophiles are on the rise, gang rapes are becoming a toll order on police crime list daily. It has created so many cyber addicts who spend so much money and many hours behind the computer surfing through the World Wide Web. This era of porn provides instant gratification inside the comfort of homes, offices, mobile phones etc.  It has become a substitute for meeting girls and dating them digitally rather than physically. Others have developed social problems meeting girls or even approaching females to engage in a conversation that will lead to a relationship.  Subsequently, addicts pursue webcam relations with people they have never met and will probably not meet in their life time.  You can call this a “second life” type of living.

The effect of internet porn on children is stunning. Children are growing up on the internet, consuming porn. Dad or mum might not even recognize that their kids are addicted to porn. They might not even recognize what pornography of today has become, since in their generation, they never grew up online. It now seems that the internet was created by and for sex. The internet is beyond the reach of parents, politicians and law enforcement agents.  With no type of policing, any type of adult entertainment is deemed “legal”. It is out of control literally. Gradually, we are all going to face or are already battling a “porndemic”.  Can this generation be rid of pornography or excuse my pun can we be “porn-again”?

13 comments on ““Porndemic”- the concern

  1. You raise some great points here and the question at the end is a good one to ponder on.

  2. I’m not so sure if this generation will ever get rid of pornography, sad to say, if it does, I’m not so sure when (lol)…

    Great question! :

    • Thanks aRvee for sharing your thoughts on this topic. If firm laws are put in place don’t you think future generations can be saved of the “porndemic”?

      • You’re welcome TLV…. If firm laws are put in place and that it will be very well implemented and enforced, yes the future generations can be saved. Also, I think it would help if all of these porn sites require a certain pay to be able to access their website in full… Not that it can save but it can literally minimize viewers and thus discouraged those who don’t have enough money to pay for viewing such porn sites…

  3. Well said there aRVee! 🙂 But just thinking along side, wont that start or result into capitalization or commodification of porno?

  4. excellent points! love your writing style…thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

  5. The internet has changed the way people (of all ages) consume all media. It’s up to the parents to be involved in their children’s online viewing and instill values when it comes to sexual relationships. When I was growing up, there was the Playboy channel and “skin” emax, and magazines found in your uncle’s bathroom. Now, as you say, it is much more available, but it was always there, since the dawn of people. “The world’s oldest profession” is not a misnomer.

    • I appreciate you passing by and sharing your thoughts/comments.:). You raised a point that is very important about parents instilling values. I agree with you. What about the teenage cell-phone users are parents able to monitor or control that? Absolutely not. This a generation X so much so that you can “porn the walk”

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