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I got 99 COOKIES but a BITCH ate ONE!

  It’s a Friday evening. Once upon a time, not too long ago I went to a pub not ‘cos I was stiff bored sitting-in on a Friday night, nor because I was not an avid pub-goer, I happened to be at this pub by accident. The pub was crowded with people as it is […]

Cereal Killer!!

When you got the crunchies for cereal munchies Then my soul gets whole and I look into my bowl A bowl full of Cruesli or is it Muesli I try to smack my lips as I sip my juice Everyone knows how I love my cereals I will dip you into my bowl to get […]

Death of the Red Light?

As an opening to this story that you are about to read, I take a few excerpts from Hollander’s book to buttress the points that would be raised as a matter of concern to this topic. “…People alone, lonely, miserable. Lately I have “sinned” by selling my body to men… but it hasn’t been strictly […]

The Award

I have been nominated lately for the commentator blogger award. I must say I am truly delighted. I am especially most grateful to all my dedicated readers who like my blog posts. I am truly grateful that people like my blog; that you take time to read it and leave your comments. It is with […]

The Shock

This is a true story and not fiction. This might make you weep if the story relates to you or a friend in a similar way. Names of characters have been changed to fit well with this blog. Evans was a handsome man married with a daughter called Bella. He was fifty years and one […]