The Shock

This is a true story and not fiction. This might make you weep if the story relates to you or a friend in a similar way. Names of characters have been changed to fit well with this blog.

Evans was a handsome man married with a daughter called Bella. He was fifty years and one of the best lawyers in town. He had studied at one of the best and renowned universities (name withheld, you can guess any name). He was famous in his town as well as in his province as a man of substance who was celebrated and as such a nice gentleman, who was always helpful to others with their claims against the state, helped with child abuse cases, wrote family or personal wills and even helped families that were at the edge of divorce to reconsider their decision not to. In fact, he was practically known by every Tom, Dick and Harry as Mr. nice guy- very frank and fair to everyone including his clients.
At sixteen, Bella was a very beautiful girl. She was tall and slender, long beautiful legs, tiny waist and full of bust. She had full standing breast that were succulent and much ripened. These were breast that could give a man a heart attack. She did not like to dress seductively like her other female friends in school. Hardly, did she wear makeup too. In fact she was a natural beauty. Many people did not have to look twice to figure out that she was endowed. All that she cared about was her studies as her dad (Mr nice guy) had always chided her to be serious with it. Mr. nice guy loved his wife so much and adored his daughter Bella too so much so that he was overly protective, and ever ready to cut off the d*** of any boy who came closer to his daughter. I guess this is a fatherly love for his daughter right? Anyway you read on.
Ela, the wife of Mr. nice guy was diagnosed with acute respiratory disorder so was more often hospitalized for short periods of time in the hospital. She was never going to make she thought to herself. With his wife being sick, Mr. nice guy never had a roving eye for other women nor did he even date them which further built the trust, confidence and likeliness that people had for him. What you are about to read next subsequently will blow off your mind. Please keep reading. One day, when Bella went to visit her mother, they had a long mother-daughter type of convo (conversation). They talked about everything and nothing. Then Bella’s mother told her something that felt like the God inside her had died. Bella’s mother told her to “take care” of her father’s need, be humble and submissive. She was shocked at that moment and didn’t talk back to her mother. There was no point in arguing with her mother as she was that gentile character of a girl her age.
Weeks rolled into months and Bella’s mother was seen in and out of the hospital with every passing month. Her hospitalization was draining the energies of both father and daughter as they took turns to visit her sometimes staying longer at the hospital. Then one day Bella went home after visiting her mother at the hospital. It was a long and exhausting day sitting beside her sick mother’s bed. At home she went to the bath room, ran some hot water into the bath tub and slowly let herself into the tub. She was totally naked and unaware of how graceful her hips were, how straight and elegant legs she had, how appealing her breast were or even how attractive her entire figure looked. She saw none of it and cared less about it. All she wanted was to lie in the water, close her eyes and let her mind drift far away to a place no one can find her and think absolutely of nothing. She did not want the words her mother had told her that day to hurt her mood.
After staying in the tub for close to an hour, Bella came out of the bath room and went straight to her room. She put on her white panties and left her night gown in a pile of clothes on the floor. There was nothing else to do than watch TV in her room or go to bed. But she just felt like her head was filled with cotton wool and TV did not interest her. Suddenly, she heard a knock on her door! It was her dad! As if awoken from a state of trance she immediately went to pick her night gown on the floor. She began to panic. Then she looked straight at the door and shouted “Don’t come in Dad!” She sat at the edge of her bed shaking as though he were standing right in front of her. She was smart as she had locked her room door. Then she heard the doorknob being twisted (sorry Mr. nice guy the door is locked). He was all too powerful at this stage as he wanted to have his way with his daughter. He tore down the door lock with a claw hammer he had tip-toed to pick up from the storage closet. In front of his daughter he let his trousers drop to the floor as he stood there with a full erection. Bella feared and shouted the more at her dad “Daddy why do you want to do this to me”? Her dad asked her in a gentle, soft but firm tone “Did you hear what your mother told you? You know it don’t you? At this stage the claw hammer he was holding was left on the floor as he was fantasizing her, he was yearning for her succulent breast, he was bursting with sex filled adrenaline energy that was pushing through his veins, he wanted to tear her tiny little body. In short, he wanted to enter her as quickly as possible and devour her. Bella began to take steps backwards to avoid her dad, but he leaned forward ceasing her by both hands and immediately tore her night gown open at the top of her chest. He then remarked “there you go, that is so tender and succulent”. His hands started fondling her breast and then with one hand (the right) doing the fondling, the left hand went down to finger her vagina. Bella was in tears and trembling like a newly born calf unable to stand on its feet.
Bella was filled with rage and hatred for her dad for doing this to her. She saw a monster in him. As if suddenly being possessed and assertive of herself, she saw the claw hammer that his dad had used on the door lying on the floor. She tried to get a grip of it without his dad knowing. She brandished the metal on the head of his dad landing him straight on his back. Seconds later, he was oozing blood and passed out- dead!
The news in town immediately spread around about the murder of Mr. nice guy by his daughter. Believe it or not people did not accept the fact that Mr. nice guy (Evans) was doing his own daughter. One neighbor even exclaimed and said Mr. Evans? Are you nuts to think he was doing his own daughter? Do you know that he is the most decent man you would ever like to meet as a friend? Some even said he was the best lawyer in town and knew all about the laws surrounding child abuse and would never do such a thing to others let alone his own flesh and blood?
It is sad how we always trust people even those who gave us life.


11 comments on “The Shock

  1. keep writing Sev,i enjoy reading your blog

  2. Truly saddening! poor Bella. Though I don’t think the mother meant that she should have sex with her father when she said Bella should take care of his needs.

  3. For many incest victims this revenge is only a fantasy. great post.

  4. Terrible that these things happen 😦

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