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What a Shame!

What a Shame!

                                                                       Image courtesy: Sowetanlive A calamity of high proportion befell the People of South Africa in Marikana when police used live […]

On your marks,get set…Go!

Our lives are like boats, sailing where the wind blows. This is the adventurous story of my journey throughout the four regions of the United Kingdom (UK) in a day. I began this journey in the summer season. My journey started off in Belfast (Northern Ireland) through Scotland, Wales and finally ending in London. This is akin to the proverbial saying […]

It Pays to be Pretty

  Today I am going to blog about a controversial subject: hiring hotties. Yes it is so controversial that many people don’t talk about it as in filing lawsuits against companies or organizations, yet many employers or organizations are practicing it on a daily basis, 24/7 and 365 days per year in hiring new staff […]

From Green to Brown

  Did you read my article on “water wars‘”? I entreat you to do so if you have not done that yet, it is important as this is the concluding part to the other side of the story. If the recent past is any guide, things could only turn ugly in the future. Why am […]

Originally posted on thelisteningvoice:
I commented on another blogger’s post olbigjim on hatred, racism and bigotry. This writer was lamenting about the issue of bigotry and hatred which are by and large a forerunner of racism. Inspired by these thoughts, I decided to take on this debate further, but adding a different twist to it by…