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I recently blogged about the issue of race, bigotry and hatred. I chanced on a brilliant piece that relates to this phenomenon which I would like to share with you. It brings to question if racism is born or thought? What is your answer to this question? Did you just answer yes to it? If so please watch this short 1 minute video to learn more.


I commented on another blogger’s post olbigjim on hatred, racism and bigotry. This writer was lamenting about the issue of bigotry and hatred which are by and large a forerunner of racism. Inspired by these thoughts, I decided to take on this debate further, but adding a different twist to it by asking myself and also putting it forth to my readers: Does race exist or humans created race (ism)? Identity is a complicated mixture of who you are, where you grew up, and what you find about yourself. Similarly, we can say the same with race. Well, as a matter of fact race does exist but its existence transcends beyond a biological existence.  Some say that race is not a biological category but a social construct. It is a socio-political existence. Is it possible then for example, to be a white skin deep individual (race) but identifies yourself as…

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