What a Shame!

                                                                       Image courtesy: Sowetanlive

A calamity of high proportion befell the People of South Africa in Marikana when police used live bullets to disperse a peaceful demonstration staged by disgruntled mine workers. These mine workers have been subjected to poverty for life and many of them have not witnessed any rise in their salary for quite some time now in spite of the harsh conditions they are subjected to under ground.

Apologies to my cherished blog followers for not being able to embed this video footage properly as am not tech savvy with some of these. I am using this medium to also highlight the full extent of the tragedy which has reduced human beings to nothing but physical particles. It is a war that it is the poor that suffer the most and the rich get richer by the day. Click here to view.

Indeed, every economic problem requires a war (Wrong against Right) to solve it. Not a war that dispenses with human life in as cheaply a manner as we have seen in Marikana.  There should have been a different kind of war – a war of ideas.


4 comments on “What a Shame!

  1. After seeing the video, I simply wondered “why” because I don’t understand the action.

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