One question…what is a college degree worth?

Gone were the days when if you didn’t have a job it meant you didn’t have a college degree and if you didn’t get a job with a college degree, it just meant that you didn’t want one in all cases. These days however, graduates with degrees are stuck indoors playing video games after failing to secure jobs. To put it differently, what is college worth these days? Does a degree mean someone is any good on the job market? For graduates with a college degree in most parts of the world, daily life goes from bad to worse after leaving school and searching for a job. In a fiercely competitive job market, having a good degree is no longer enough. Employer attitudes towards higher education have changed considerably. Employers these days are looking for solid experience rather than paper qualifications. On the down side, graduates are accounting for an increasingly larger proportion of the unemployed.

The consequence of graduating into this terrible economy is already dampening the value of the college degree and the sacrifices made by parents to pay for college tuition for their children. Likewise, it equally dampens the spirit of students who have to borrow from banks to finance their tuition fees. The culture of debts being created for college graduates will affect them for years to come notwithstanding the high costs of college tuition that goes up on a yearly basis. When I say “them” I mean myself and others who are already affected or would be affected by this system.

Nor are internships these days a magic bullet to getting your foot into the door of paid work. Unpaid interns are a “disposable asset” to many employers after getting much of what they want from the intern. It is regrettable that whiles internships were meant to expose one to the world of work it is now used as a means of cutting cost by many organizations or employers. Many graduates who don’t find employment are forced as a last resort to take up internships as a way of getting by. Sadly, the other day I was reading an article about the UN Youth Employment Conference which was held early this year at which a decision was made that overlooked unpaid internships as part of a valid form of work experience. How interesting? Would this imply then that if you are a graduate and a job seeker and you have practical experience as an intern, your chances of being employed into a paid job would be lesser?


6 comments on “One question…what is a college degree worth?

  1. Not even graduate degrees are worth anything. What is worth something? Knowing the right people and appearing to be doing something–you don’t actually have to know or do anything. Oh, the most important: You must be beautiful, handsome and charming. That’s it. No need to get a degree and go into debilitating debt. Those who know no one or who cannot play the “collaborative” scheme of “appearing to do something,” or who are ugly and non-charming, it will not matter what you have. I know. I’m one of those who did it all for a big nothing.

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  3. With our economy, the game has changed a lot and even with degrees, experience and looks, there are no promises… connections and whim matter more. 😦

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