Is God Schizophrenic?

Come to think about the typical Christian teachings concerning God when we used to attend “Sunday school” back in the days. God was usually portrayed as stern, angry and ready to strike us at the slightest misstep or mistake that did not fit into His commandments or even that He won’t answer our prayers if we sinned. Why then has God always been portrayed as angry and yet sometimes a loving God? Does He love us sometimes and hate us at other times?

These questions present a dilemma because one may ask how can we form a healthy relationship with someone who changes His moods frequently? At the same time, this dilemma has kept many people at arm’s length away from God. Majority of people know that there is a God somewhere who created this universe, but they don’t know how to relate to Him. These mixed signals are made more complicated and confusing. For example, a church minister will say that “it was the will of the Lord that your husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister you name it died or got killed in an accident” and in the same line of thought  ask to know if anyone is willing to serve such a good God? We are told God won’t answer our prayers if we sin, yet we are told we are all sinners before the Lord our God. Where then does that leave us? God is not Schizophrenic!


2 comments on “Is God Schizophrenic?

  1. I think if people will just sit down and read the bible through themselves, they will no longer have this point of view. I know it’s lengthy reading, but start with the NT and read a little daily until it’s finished, then go back and work on the OT. One acquires a different perspective when one reads the bible for himself.

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