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Nut Africa: Cracking the nut?

There is no doubt that Africa is blessed with so many natural and mineral resources. From the resource oil rich regions of Nigeria in West Africa to the diamond rich and gold fields in south Africa. You name it! From North to South, East and West Africa almost all of these regions are endowed in one way or the other with the earth’s natural resources – wood (forest products), food products, minerals, burgeoning population (human resources) etc!

These resources definitely are hidden in “a nut” if you permit me to use such an analogy. However, since it is a very hard nut, how do you crack open to let out the seed(s)? This is the one question that has always been resonating my mind. How do Africans crack this nut open for the benefit of its own citizens first and secondly for their neighbours such as foreign investors?

How can Africa ensure that it produces enough food to feed all its populace and avoid the negative implications of food insecurity?

Secondly what approaches and communication strategies are appropriate for moving people into action? Have you ever come to think if a green revolution is ever possible in Africa like it happened to other developed economies such as China?

Can you join me on this platform in helping to crack the nut Africa? Give it a go, share your thoughts!


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