Nut Africa: Cracking the nut?

There is no doubt that Africa is blessed with so many natural and mineral resources. From the resource oil rich regions of Nigeria in West Africa to the diamond rich and gold fields in south Africa. You name it! From North to South, East and West Africa almost all of these regions are endowed in […]

Is God Schizophrenic?

Come to think about the typical Christian teachings concerning God when we used to attend “Sunday school” back in the days. God was usually portrayed as stern, angry and ready to strike us at the slightest misstep or mistake that did not fit into His commandments or even that He won’t answer our prayers if […]

This Life…!

What would my senses not allow me to do and where can my imagination not take me to? Where can my legs not bring me, if I persist? And what can break my faith if I believe? I am human and unbreakable, so you are if you start accepting. Create no limitations, accept no boundaries, […]


Dear amazing blogtizens, I will like to announce my come back from a long holiday break to a far hide away place. During my almost two months of hibernation,  I had limited or hardly any access to WordPress in that part of the world. It was a lovely and an amazing time in a warm […]

One question…what is a college degree worth?

Gone were the days when if you didn’t have a job it meant you didn’t have a college degree and if you didn’t get a job with a college degree, it just meant that you didn’t want one in all cases. These days however, graduates with degrees are stuck indoors playing video games after failing […]

What a Shame!

What a Shame!

                                                                       Image courtesy: Sowetanlive A calamity of high proportion befell the People of South Africa in Marikana when police used live […]

On your marks,get set…Go!

Our lives are like boats, sailing where the wind blows. This is the adventurous story of my journey throughout the four regions of the United Kingdom (UK) in a day. I began this journey in the summer season. My journey started off in Belfast (Northern Ireland) through Scotland, Wales and finally ending in London. This is akin to the proverbial saying […]