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Nut Africa: Cracking the nut?

There is no doubt that Africa is blessed with so many natural and mineral resources. From the resource oil rich regions of Nigeria in West Africa to the diamond rich and gold fields in south Africa. You name it! From North to South, East and West Africa almost all of these regions are endowed in […]

Dead Mums Don’t Cry!

It was in the dead of the night. The whole community had gone to sleep on a quiet and peaceful night. She was resting in a wide but smoke filled room and the weight of her body was too burdensome as her belly was as ripened as a pear. She couldn’t sleep nor sit because […]

Women and the Environment: Viewpoint into the fuel wood business in Africa

The concern is growing about the depletion of Africa’s natural resources.  For some time now, the debate about the environment and development has always centered on the rich rather than the poor, on urban rather than rural and on men rather women. The result of this emphasis has led to the deterioration of the environment, […]

Shifting the goal posts

It is the wet season in Ghana. At the onset of the rains, when there is new vegetation (grass, plants and other species growing), it brings with it different insects; some of which are crawling insects such as the caterpillars, and yet others are biting and sucking insects such as the mosquito. Typically, every wet […]

Land Leasing or Land Grabbing?

In recent years, there has been a sudden rush for the acquisition of large tracks of arable land by foreign investors in countries such as Latin America, Asia and Africa. The latter being the worst affected. In Africa, countries such as Ethiopia, Zambia, Kenya, and Sierra Leone have all signed major land deals with multi-lateral […]